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Especially known for its medicinal properties, lending an essentially camphoraceous, yet woody & spicy aroma quite similar to eucalyptus, it acts as an effective relaxant with a healing balance – cleansing & revitalising the skin & body with its anti-bacterial & anti fungal properties, be it beauty, household or health, multi-utility all the way!

Botanical Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia

Characteristics: It is virtually clear, pale yellow coloured with thin consistency, a middle to top fragrance note exuding a warm yet fresh, spicy camphoraceous aroma

Attributes: Disinfectant, anti-bacterial, clarifying, analgesic, balsamic, expectorant, stimulant

Known to have been first mentioned by Captain Cook in the 18th Century, brewing an aromatic blend of herbs for medicinal purposes, Tea Tree has always been favoured for its stimulating & anti-septic properties in traditional medicine, leading up to this day & age.

Boasting of wondrous healing, purifying & disinfecting, it is known as a powerful yet gentle immune system stimulant – soothing infections & allergies while alleviating pain & muscle ache, exceptionally effective in skin & hair care.

Native to Australia, the shrub spreading onto becoming a small tree, is one with needle-like leaves and bottlebrush-like yellow blooms – the essential oil extracted by means of steam distillation of the leaves and tender twigs.

Helps in: Acne & other skin conditions | Athlete’s foot | Abscesses | Cold Sores | Dandruff | Rashes | Ringworm | Burns | Wounds | Insect bites and stings | Colds and flu | Catarrh | Coughs | Verruca | Thrush | Cystitis | Fevers | Effective fumigant


  • Never ingest pure, undiluted essential oils without the supervision of a qualified aromatherapist or a trained practitioner. If ingested, it might harm your mouth, intestines and internal organs. For external use only.
  • Always take Patch Tests before using any Natural Products
  • Increased intake of Water and Fluids suggested – enabling the Toxins to flush out faster and enhance the effects of Essential Oils
  • Keep away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Check with your aromatherapy practitioner to learn more about specific phototoxic essential oils – not to be used during the day, but can prove to be really beneficial if used at night.

Essential oils can be of great help when in treating mild day to day ailments. Always keep a basic kit of essential oils handy, enabling you can make a fresh blend as needed.



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