To New Beginnings!

Did you for once have this question lingering on your mind? What was 2020? and didn’t get an answer. Well, congratulations we all are in the same page and looking for a new dawn in 2021. After overcoming a tumultuous and a roller coaster year, hope is beaming all time high with positivity. While the work culture was slowly replaced by zoom meeting in pjs, we also learnt some major skincare hacks at home. After a little bit of browsing we turned into our own stylists as salons remained shut in the first half of the year.

After trying some 20-odd DIY recipes we somehow got accumulated with the at-home beauty culture. This is far more interesting as social media videos on skincare continue to get viral on the internet. People seemed to love the idea of taking care of their skin at home with the right kind of products. The products that actually gives visible results, the change that we are looking for this year.

As much as we have high hopes for the year, we should also have a to-do list to keep things interesting. So here’s to new beginnings with the new year with a creative approach, Read on!

Selfcare Tips 101:

  1. Start the art of Journaling: Well, we all have mastered the art of over thinking right? And jumped into random conclusions. But writing down your thoughts and feelings will help you understand your situation, vulnerability. Dive deep into your unconscious mind and let it flow through words, there might be a solution right there. Journaling could be on any topic which you would want to record and follow. Make it a daily habit and jot down your memories. Journaling has helped a lot of successful people it can be your help too. It’s just like your visual diary!
  2. Learning to value yourself: Its 2021 and if a new decade is not the time to value yourself, then when is?. Start your self care practice, make time for yourself and start a beauty routine. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is our responsibility to take ample care. We at Wikka, believe on the true virtues of a sustainable living, expressing gratitude to mother Earth for existence. Even our products are derived from nature in its purest form to stay connected with our individuality. Above all listen to your heart, it will never lie!
  3. Meditation: Studies and experts have already proved that the practice of meditation makes a person become mindful. Very often we tend to make impulsive decisions; practicing focus helps us with decision making abilities. It is said people who meditate live a healthier life and have a positive vision on life. It certainly makes you a happier version of yourself.
  4. Take a break: As much as we want to go forward with the rat race, sometimes our directions become blurry. Amid all the uncertainties take some time out and relax. Take a small trip or a vacay to set your mind and intentions.
  5. Eat Right: As the new year rings there should already be some resolutions on your mind. If you haven’t added the ‘clean eating’ habits, you can actually add it now. Try to keep low on sugar, carbonated drinks, packaged foods and start munching some homegrown seasonal grabs.


        Beauty Trends to dominate 2021:

  1. Clean and hygiene skincare: Simple and clean skincare is the new cool. Experts suggest that skincare lines showing transparency in their ingredients are gaining momentum in the market. Consumers want to know what’s in the product and if it’s hygienic for use. Clean beauty is the new buzz word as the demand curve only gets increasing. Even the companies are showing a rising trend with eco-friendly packaging.
  2. Minimalism: You have already come across this term in 2020 right?. But have you come across the term skinimalism? it’s when skincare meets makeup. After the popular no-make look, videos of intense to simple skincare are already going viral. People want natural beauty look and their skin to radiate. This is when we look down upon the slow beauty trend with products that are sustainable and raw.
  3. Antibacterial products: No we don’t like viruses neither those harmful bacteria with skin concerns. How many times do you touch your hair and then your face unconsciously?.  It is quiet likely that we are contaminating our skin with bacteria. Which is why, there are products with antibacterial properties. Blends are infused with therapeutic essential oils to give their customers a healthy experience to treat specific concerns.
  4. Plant based skincare: While Google is loaded with questionnaires based on benefits of herbs, flowers, there is a huge probability that plant based skincare is “added to the carts”. This comes with the rise in eco-conscious consumers across the globe as similar companies continue to provide a better experience.




Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

R.A. Arom(London)

Aromatherapy Practioner and Perfumer



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