The importance of alternate healing in today's world

Last year, a study showed that around 82% of Indians suffer from high-level stress. A fact that alone is enough to give you stress. What's more important than getting to know about stress? Finding ways to deal with it. Are you someone who keeps tablets of all kinds ready for an emergency situation? That's natural. That's what we all do. But are you also someone who can identify the stress factor in a situation and is prepared beforehand with all kinds of tablets? Now that's a concern. At Wikka, our priority is to make the masses more aware and informed. We are advocating issues that are suffocating and threatening our otherwise healthy lives. In our experience, and what the world wants these days, is a way where the medicines that aid in stress relief harm minimum while producing maximum benefits. This is where the concept of alternate healing comes into the picture. It has been fairly popular in the last few decades owing to the fact that it has shown us results that mainstream medicines couldn't. What exactly? It has healed people and kept them well without using harmful ingredients.

Alternate healing is a way of treatment that differs from the usual line of therapy and healing. How do we decide what are the best alternate healing therapies? By experimenting with our diet, self-healing mechanisms, healing fragrances, and keeping our mind and body trained. You'll be surprised to know that a few of the healing techniques are thousands of years old. It is so because ever since evolution, man has been experimenting with things that have kept his natural healing process working and it's only in the later stages that medicines have come into the picture. Are you thinking of instances like ghee for wound-healing and herbal teas for helping with better coping mechanisms when dealing with modern problems? That's the correct way to go about it. Let's take one instance and understand the process with it. One of the most popular alternate healing methods is aromatherapy. What happens when you smell your favorite flower? or drink your favorite herbal tea? Your mood gets better, the stress level goes down, that aching headache fades away and the world seems pleasant and happy. That is aromatherapy. A process that uses natural oils from the leaves, stern, flowers, and bark of a plant which are later carried in our bloodstream to help us in the journey of our well-being.


How is aromatherapy better than what you usually use?

Let's be honest for a moment. If you are medically diagnosed ill, then going only by aromatherapy won't work. You have to take it as a complementary way of healing. But for things like repeated stress because of work pressure or a sleeping problem that's troubling you or a general feeling of restlessness, all this can be dealt with in a much better and dignified manner with aromatherapy, than with tablets. As it is a plant-based therapy, you can be assured that nature has a cure for all your problems. We do however always recommend getting recipes and blends from a professional aromatherapist. They know the history of each fragrance and will help with the exact solution.


Why is it more important in today's world?

Out of all other alternate healing therapies, aromatherapy is the most popular one today. As smells trigger a powerhouse of emotions, the aromatherapy way of living is being widely accepted. Today, there's a whole lot of us who want to know about the ways to deal with emotional responses of the body in a more effective way. Adulteration is at an all-time high and so, people are more focussed on a therapy that involves natural products and fragrances. The demands of society are never-ending and to deal with it in the best way possible, you got to find a solution. Or an aromatic solution.

Is this the best way for you?

There are so many alternate therapies to choose from and so many people vouching for each. Experiment and work around each and you shall know what works best for you. Our pick at Wikka is aromatherapy. Out of the many reasons, we'd say that different fragrances have different powers. And with the help of a practicing aromatherapist, you can understand what fragrance you need according to your situation and deal with it better. The golden rule is; there is an essential oil out there for every problem you have. Wikka also uses natural ingredients and their captivating fragrances in its range of products to provide a rich spa-like experience.


Aromatherapy with Wikka

Wikka believes in the power of healing through natural, time-tested remedies. Our solutions are 100% natural and safe. We have been using aromatherapy to help our customers lead a healthier life for a long time now. Wikka products are fragrant (catering to the olfactory senses) and provide a deep sense of calm and joy when used. Crafted with the goodness of Shea Butter, Lavender blossoms, Neroli Blossoms, Rose Essential Oil, Green tea extracts, Ylang-Ylang extracts, and many more rare natural finds, our products are more than indulgences. They are life-altering experiences.



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