The Art of Green Living

In Delhi winters, one can see so many homeless people on the streets without food or a mere blanket. I always try to organize a food or shelter drives for them. In such endeavors, I often come across few people who contribute generously and some who just blame it on the cold extreme weather to not move out of their comfortable homes. To them, I ask, 'who's at fault?' The reason why the glaciers are melting, so many parts of the world are experiencing extreme climate conditions, more and more animals are becoming extinct and the environment is shedding tears. Who is at fault? We all are. While there are many ways to educate oneself about it, begin by learning and stopping whatever it is that you are doing to harm the environment even in a very small way. Some people still choose to believe climate change is not real. Environment enthusiasts for years have been advocating about the effect of 'Green Living' on the fate of the earth and I'll be honest, I know so many people doing their bit in that space. Sustainable lifestyle is the new cool. Like every other industry, the cosmetic industry too has ventured into it and is doing its best to come up with laudable results. My personal favorite will be more brands coming up with natural products which are actually natural, i.e grown locally, natural preservatives added, not tested on animals, doesn't harm the skin, and is plant-based non-toxic nutrition going straight into your skin. But in its true sense, what does a green way of living mean for your skin? How can one make their beauty routine green? Let's answer it all.

Natural Ingredients: Parabens, Phthalates, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances harm the environment as much as they harm your skin. These synthetic chemicals have been detected in surface water and can kill coral. A more detailed explanation can be found on . So, make the right switch. Use ingredients directly from nature's factory. Ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Green Tea Extracts, Neroli, and Ylang-Ylang blossoms are brought together and blended to make Wikka products. Check them for yourself.


Shampoo twice a week: People who have experienced pollution at its worst will disagree. But tell me something, how can you keep your hair oil-free if you are letting the cycle continue by using a harsh shampoo daily and relying only on it for helping you deal with the environmental assault? You need a holistic approach. Begin by shampooing twice a week. In this way, the health of the hair is maintained as the natural oils are kept intact. You will save gallons of water as well. The most basic way in which you can go green and enjoy it. For the oily, itchy factor, try to use a scarf when going out.


Buy in Bulk: Skincare routine is one of the most sacred routines we have. Nobody likes having products that are easily exhausted. We order in advance when we feel we are about to exhaust our shampoos, conditioners, etc. Let's solve this problem while keeping the 'green way of living' in mind. Order in bulk. And to add to it, order the large sizes of your favorite products. In this way, not only will you be saving your precious time, but you will also be saving the environment by avoiding the plastic packaging that you get every time you receive a product. At Wikka, our product packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Avoid single-use products: The face wipes that you are using is a single-use product. So is a sheet mask. Replace it with clothes and serum bottles, respectively. Reusable alternatives can make your life much simpler. It can and will definitely help the environment (our animals) get better. Try it.

Easy ways to start the green way of living 'Now'

1. Don't waste food: Have extra dinner? Donate it or make a lovely breakfast out of it.

2. Plan: To minimize the extra food problem, you need to plan.

3. Get clean air: Get a house plant or choose to get a lot of house plants. Either way, clean air will help keep you motivated and close to nature.

4. Stay away from fast fashion: Trends come and go, style stays. Buy clothes that you'll actually use for a long time.

5. Bath not Shower: You will use way less water and help save it. Also, a sitz bath is a very beneficial therapy for the body and the mind. Proceed towards wellness with a long sitz bath.

The 'green way of living' isn't a fad. It's a commitment to yourself. Every action that is towards sustainability, is good. Today, as more and more flora and fauna are going extinct because of man-made disasters, it is our duty that we do what we can to prevent it. We cannot go on to tell corporations to shut down their factories or we cannot go on telling every person we meet, the benefits of a carpool. But what we can do, is take baby steps in the direction of a healthier tomorrow. Spread the information. Become more informed yourselves and ultimately practice what you preach. Remember, like meditation, these actions hold meaning only if turned into habits. If you practice clean beauty habits just for two days, you cannot say you practice sustainable 'green' living. It has to be all day, every day. But first, it has to be today. Start.




Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

R.A. Arom(London)

Aromatherapy Practioner and Perfumer



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