Skincare Resolutions You Can Make For 2021

Amid all the uncertainties, the one thing we are grateful for 2020 is, it taught us how to value things. Knowing the art of self worth and appreciating the little things of life. Most importantly, taking a little time out for self pamper. Who doesn’t want to have a radiant glowing skin?.

With all the major skincare tutorials taking the centre stage in 2020, trends predict more innovations in 2021. While most of us sought solace in simple things, skincare turned into a daily chore as online sales kept increasing. In a survey, it was found that the global pandemic had directly influenced the skincare habits of respondents. From cleansing, moisturizing to jade rollers, steaming, beauty trends are only getting creative and for the better. Well, self care is the new buzz word already!

Skincare Resolution you can add in your list this new year:

  1. Say no to expired products: Stay away from expired skincare products. It might not only lack potency, but also could have an allergic reaction to the skin. The dangers of using expired creams might also cause a possible bacterial infection. So, prevention is better than cure!
  2. Make skincare fun: Wear that face mask and indulge in some soul soothing yoga. Skincare doesn’t necessarily have to be very monotonous. You can sprinkle your own innovation and creativity in the process. Create a healing space by turning on your favorite jazz track.
  3. Taking advice from practitioners and trained professionals: Your skin is everything and it is pertinent to channel your visions correctly. Taking advice from a trained professional could spruce up your knowledge on a field and let you explore. Practitioners have been trained for years and after numerous experiments they can actually come up with legit recommendations that may actually work.
  4. Keep a tab on your diet: “What you eat is what you look”, said someone and we all agree. The skin cells need nourishment and undergo repair every day. Including seasonal fruits and greens, good carbs are excellent for healthy skin. Also, stay hydrated always.
  5. Work on skincare goals while sleep: A simple night care regimen is a thing and we all should shift our focus. A routine that focuses on repairing damage, protection can expect a natural dewy skin.
  6. Figure out your skin type: We all have different skin types which will have different reactions to different products. Making sure to figure out your skin type should be rule no 1 this year.

Here are some predictions for skincare trends in 2021:

  1. Hygiene first: And it took a pandemic to prioritize personal hygiene. From washing hands frequently with soap to using hand sanitizers we have done it all. Although it was one of the guidelines during the outbreak of a virus, it has already turned into a necessity luxury. This trend will continue in 2021 as people are more conscious of maintaining health hygiene. Also, beauty brands have already got ample amount of options for consumers for more luxurious experiences.
  2. Slow Beauty: Unlike fads, slow beauty is slowly growing its market with high hopes to last. This trend is about investing in products that have been crafted using natural, earth ingredients for holistic wellbeing. It is not just about meeting one beauty concern but an overall healing of the mind, body and soul.
  3. Use of essential oils: Essential oils are already trending on the internet as consumers continue to give a positive feedback. It is a part of Aromatherapy- practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. These are a part of the ancient beauty practices to heal wounds, scars.

They are therapeutic and when absorbed through the skin can travel through the bloodstream and promote holistic healing. Aroma healing is now a recognized form of alternative medicine that can aid in pain relief, mood enhancement and healing of several serious ailments.

  1. Hand care: Soft and moisturized hands is always a win-win situation on any given day. A gentle hand wash followed by a hand nourish is great to repair skin damage and bring back the lost glow. Make sure that your hands not only look young but also soft and supple.
  2. ‘Maskne’: It is a type of breakout that stems from wearing a face mask.  Experts also said that it is formed due to friction, rubbing and is visible on the areas covered by face shields.  People facing the issue may prevent it by frequently washing the cloth masks and going easy on their skincare regimen.
  3. Skin-soothing ingredients: With the global consciousness on environment, consumers are already into natural ingredients. Even skincare lines are making sure to meet the market demand by being transparent with their formulation process.



Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

R.A. Arom(London)

Aromatherapy Practioner and Perfumer



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