Follow This Step-by-Step Guide to Remain Kind to Your Skin

Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin? We all do. Don’t you feel incredible admiring the natural dewy glow in front of that vanity mirror?. That would be a yes, as healthy looking skin is always in, right?. While most of the times we do not feel the urge to wear make-up because of skin irritation later. Building a skincare routine is the best solution to all the beauty woes that we face in our everyday life.

However, when we hear the term ‘skincare regime’ a wide range of thoughts cross the mind. If we really need it? Is it a necessity and so on. And the most hilarious one is, if we can just get away with a face wash in a day. But did you know as we age, along with other physical changes our skin too undergoes some major transformation. In addition to this the lifestyle, food choices have been adding to the repercussions.

While we are asked to be kind to others, it is so important to be kind to oneself first. And what better way to be empathetic by setting a positive mindset and spending time with oneself, meeting one’s needs. Let’s start with a simple skincare routine at home.




Here’s a step-by-step guide to remain kind to your skin. Read on!

  1. “What we eat is how we look”: Did you come across this quote somewhere?. Not everyone is born with good genes and retaining them is a task. Including food enriched with nutrition and vitamins is a priority as we age. Just like we need protein to build muscles, we need nutrition to keep the skin in good health. And omega fatty acids have been acting as a power house to do wonders to the skin. Also let that fluid keep coming in the form of water. Drink enough water to stay hydrated and sane. Drinking water increases blood flow to the skin enhancing the tone and appearance.


  1. Paraben free face wash: When we started the journey of Wikka, our focus has only been delivering truth to the people. Uplifting the true spirits of skincare at home and being honest with our practices. We suggest you to invest your money with conscious buying. A paraben free face wash is all you need in your skincare regime to experience the best of natural blends. A gentle facial cleanser that clarifies the skin cells replenishing youthful skin. Wash your face twice a day to remove excess oil from the skin.


  1. Exfoliation: Did you know our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every month making room for new cells?. But sometimes the dead skin cells do not wear out from the outer layer of the skin. These are the times when we spot skin concerns. Mild scrubbing helps in removal of the impurities and builds a healthy surface. But, the substances that we apply on our skin can cause a huge difference to own healthy looking skin. We suggest you to go for a face scrub that is formulated from natural ingredients and retain glowing skin.


  1. Skin Serums: They are slowly making their presence into the skincare routine of the milennials for their potent qualities. These blends not just helps in reducing signs of fatigue, they also even the surface of the skin. Their application helps in retaining moisture content on the skin. With these magical jars you can get that dewy look at home. Also don’t forget to read the ingredients and instructions before making a dent in your pocket.


  1. Self time: Everyday invest some time with yourself. It’s not procrastination but a healthy balance with your mind and body. Go for walks, listen to some good music, sweat and take a good shower. A mindful bath doesn’t necessarily has to be soaking in a bathtub with rose petals and candles. It can also be bathing with dips of essential oils followed by a good body wash. The aromatic herbs of essential oils does the magic to have a soulful experience. Come winters don’t forget to use a body nourish to keep the skin in good order.


  1. Face pack: With age, skin looses its elasticity and it is our responsibility to keep it in track. Face pack is a go-to formula to get an instant glow on the face. Inculcate into your skincare regime to prevent breakouts, heal scars and balance the oil formation. We suggest you to go for face packs that retains hydration like Honey, Avocado, essential oils to keep your skin in balance. This combination has soothing and moisturizing qualities that help create that glow on your skin.


  1. Essential Oils: These therapeutic blends are induced with the goodness of nature and has healing effects on the skin. Rich in antibacterial properties, EO can be a part of your skincare regime. Weather it’s a luxury bath or a good sleep at night, EO can be used in a variety of ways. Use it with a carrier oil and gently massage into your skin for best results. These formulations are your one stop solution to all the beauty woes.


  1. A sun protect: We might love the sunny summers and the winter sun for natural Vitamin E. But the harmful radiation leaves behind damaging effect on the skin. Build a habit of wearing sunscreen everyday as you step out of the house. It will protect your skin from UV rays of the sun reducing possibilities of sunburn. You can go for a gel based sunscreen to avoid the greasy feel.


  1. Sleep: Above all have a good sleep. Avoid investing excess time on social media and take time to reconnect. Rest is very important to stay motivated and productive. Stress has been a major factor to effect appearance of the skin. To sum up aging fine lines, wrinkles are a woman’s nightmare. And skincare is one solution to keep your skin health in good shape.

        Kindness is the key, why don’t we start being kind to ourselves first!


            Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

            R.A. Arom(London)

            Aromatherapy Practioner and Perfumer



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