Cleopatra baths for millennials: The Wikka way

In today’s time, what’s more than a luxury is a good, relaxing bath, where you can recharge and detoxify yourself. Taking time for yourself is a good idea when all you do is work really hard. A good shower goes a really long way. It helps keeps you fresh and fight illness at the same time. To begin with, investing in a bathtub is always a good idea. It is so because your body needs time to soak in all the food you feed to it. A quick shower doesn’t really help if you want to get that healthy looking skin. Pollution has taken a toll on our lives. To take care of your skin in the best way possible requires constant attention and effort. What you can do at the least is use the products you can fall back on, in a religious manner. It is never too late to start a skicare or a bathing regimen. Remember, it’s always better to have started late than to have never started at all.

Preparing your face and body:

• Splash water on your face first thing in the morning to keep your skin’s natural oils intact. Do not use harsh face wash or soap as it will strip off the natural oils from your skin.

• Use a natural face-pack like dahi-haldi to get the morning glow.

• Use water-based serums on your skin for further hydration.

• Try dry brushing your body. Gently brush your lymph nodes for lymphatic drainage. It keeps your body healthy and disease-free.

Preparing the bath:

• Add homemade buttermilk to your bath to give you that moisturising effect. An alternative for this can be whipped curd.

• Add fragrant essential oils for a feel-good factor and the goodness of essential oils.

• Soak-in and detoxify yourself for a good 20 minutes.

Maintaining a bathing ritual can be tedious but if you want to fight the pollution and winters in the best way possible, you must try and incorporate it in your daily schedule. How you “feel” plays a very important role in your well-being. Inner serenity is much more precious to compliment the outer one. De-stress and pamper yourself every day like a Sunday. We all deserve that!



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